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What I did?

I started working here from version 2.2, which is actually from ground up app. Memory management that time was quite painful. There's no UICollectionView that time, so it was not quite easy to implement gridView layout in iOS unlike in Android. So what I did was, in order to make a gridView layout which must be reusable, in terms also in memory handling, I subclass UITableViewCell that can handle different data. I also rotate the tableView from 0 to -90 degree(counter clockwise) so that I could create a reusable page which is a UITableView instead of UIScrollView then rotate back from 0 to 90 degrees(clockwise) the contentView of the UITableViewCell for painless reusableViews.

Until now, this app is still using the code that I have written 3 years ago. They still updating for OS Compatibilities/Updates.


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